Greenway Glory



An out-of-service rail line, once overgrown and doomed for demolition, has flowered into an extraordinary free public space. The saved, reclaimed, and reinvented park is part of a movement to reimagine how public spaces integrate and connect with regions and their residents. Thoughtfully designed to be ever-changing and engaging, the literally and symbolically elevated space features notes of both nature and industry. Meditate, dance, breathe deeply, and feast your eyes on a range of artistic gifts. It’s a visionary hybrid, representative of the very city from which it sprouted.

Size Length Chest
XS 27 31 – 34
S 28 34 – 37
M 29 38 – 41
L 30 42 – 45
XL 31 46 – 49
2XL 32 50 – 53
3XL 33 54 – 57
4XL 34 58 – 61

This item will ship via USPS. Unfortunately our supply chain is still being impacted by Covid, and because of this, our fulfillment time can be as long as a week.

However, we’re getting faster, and we are now often averaging closer to 5 days.