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A-Side Alive


You never need to flip to side B in a city with music running so deep within its core, it’s implanted in its very roots. The gritty city of towering metal and concrete reveals what lies beneath: the ever-pulsing musical track coursing through its veins. Maybe it should, but it stubbornly refuses to rest. The ongoing energy is sure to fully enrapture all who let it in.

XS2731 - 34
S2834 - 37
M2938 - 41
L3042 - 45
XL3146 - 49
2XL3250 - 53
3XL3354 - 57
4XL3458 - 61

This item will ship via USPS. Unfortunately our supply chain is still being impacted by Covid, and because of this, our fulfillment time can be as long as a week.

However, we’re getting faster, and we are now often averaging closer to 5 days.